Changing Medical Imaging With a Control Device that is Beneficial and Cost Conscious.

We provide medical product development consulting expertise to create low-cost medical devices with great design and ROI.

ACIST Medical produces a wide variety of interventional and diagnostic technology products for the healthcare industry including X-ray imaging and fluoroscopy. They developed the ACIST | CVI® Contrast Delivery System and required a controller called the Angio Touch to be created that was intuitive and ergonomic for the doctor to operate, disposable, low cost, compatible with medical imaging procedures.

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique used by physicians or radiation therapists to obtain real-time images of the internal structures of a patient. It generally uses X-rays to and contrast material to examine circulation or systems inside the human body. Examples: Coronary artery blockages; esophageal disorders.

ACIST approached LAVA to resolve these design challenges. We worked with their team to create an innovative controller allowing doctors to better focus on the procedure and imaging. The new controller facilitated real-time increases or decreases contrast delivery flow rate by varying thumb pressure. LAVA’s years of medical device development guided intelligent creation of simple parts that were easy to manufacture, assemble, use, and low-cost for single-use. Additionally, it offers precise two-button analog controls for visualization through precise timing of X-ray and contrast injection.


The Angio Touch improved procedure efficiency for X-Ray and fluoroscopy imaging, utilized innovative cost-reduction manufacturing, and was easy to use by medical staff.

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