Getting more customer value for less.

Kinetic's Competitive Drive to Produce Innovation For Cycle Training Brought Them To Us.

Our history of developing successful sports training and fitness equipment made us a great team member. This spurred the refinement of the Rock and Roll cycle trainer and led to the development of the Z-Rollers, as well as Twenty20 Bottle Cage.

We speak not only design but also manufacturing, enabling us to work with Kinetic's existing manufacturing relationships. Our collaboration created new products, refined existing processes, increased ROI, and increased margins.
Kinetic was born in 2000 as a subsidiary of Kurt Manufacturing. Over the next decade they became a leader in innovation for the cycle training industry.


The Rock and Roll Bike Trainer is a Truly Unique Training Experience.

Its patented frame design provides the most realistic feel of any trainer available because it allows the bike to move as it does on the road. In addition to a superior ride, the Rock and Roll also provides the benefit of cycling-specific core training.

Lava worked with Kinetic to revise the form function and handling of the stabilizers and knobs as an introductory project. We created parts that were aesthetically branded, had improved usability, and more cost effective without sacrifice.


Market Driven Solution, Cost-Effective and Compact.

Kinetic’s Z•Rollers were designed and engineered to be the perfect option for developing better balance and technique, or for pre-race warm-up. Their precision machined aluminum rollers and premium bearings provide a smooth, quiet ride while also ensuring durability. Lava designed a lightweight aluminum frame that folds down for easy transport and storage. The Z•Rollers is adjustable to fit bikes with a wheelbase from 38.2 to 43.3 inches (97cm to 110cm).


We Integrated Design and Manufacturing Technologies Making the Twenty20 Cost Effective To Manufacture & Difficult to Duplicate.

The Kinetic Twenty20 Bottle Cage ergonomically improves the simple act of grabbing a drink on the bike. A natural arm motion removes and replaces a bottle at an angle of approximately 20 degrees off-center. The Twenty20 Bottle Cage can be mounted on a bike frame at a 20-degree offset left or right, allowing bottle insertion into the center of the cage rather than in from the side.

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