Creating The Smallest Tens Device Ever.

Empi came to Lava to revise their Empi Active TENS device. Empi has been a global market leader in innovative pain management and physical rehabilitation for more than 25 years. They distribute electrical stimulation and other orthopedic products used for pain management, orthopedic rehabilitation, physical therapy, fitness and sport performance enhancement.

Empi’s goals were to create a small device that offer hassle free pain control with one-touch programming. Lava worked closely with their electrical engineers to create a housing that met the controller board requirements for button position. The device also needed to be able to attach to various EMPI wraps.

The result is the new Empi Active TENS device, the smallest TENS ever created. Its light-weight small form factor makes it easily used with Empi’s conductive garments, and with regular lead wires, to treat different areas of the body. The simple one-button interface provides customers with an uncomplicated interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

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