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Lava has a fully-functional prototyping and production area capable of bringing your project to life, either one-at-a-time or in small production runs. Providing product design consulting along with creating working prototypes that are very close to manufactured parts, provides our customers with an invaluable opportunity for experimentation, martial review, and aesthetics assessment. This is especially helpful to our medical device clients, who need sample products as close to manufactured specifications as possible for interim testing and investor reviews.


Our Services


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3D Printing & Prototyping

Our in-house 3D printing capabilities increase response time for changes and can shorten your time-to-market. Designed products can be visualized and reviewed before final prototypes are created, minimizing or eliminating production part change costs.


Prototype Fabrication and Molding

Fabrication of parts resolves questions about material compatibility, fit, performance, endurance, usability, and function. We can add branding, labeling, and colors to create near-production-quality products.

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