Today, products are no longer just as a thing on the shelf. Now they occupy multiple mediums.

It is not enough to have just a website and a brochure to support the delivery of your product. Now you need a strategic plan to distribute it’s message across multiple platforms concisely.

Lava brings together experts in user interface, user experience, App development, web design as well as strategic capabilities in SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and social media. We can help you navigate marketing methods and find successful options.

Digital Media Services


user interface design

Developing a User Interface (UI) for your product is a key part of its strategy.  We understand successful products require thoughtful, data driven, and humanistic solutions.


User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) is now an even bigger part of product development. It’s a vessel for delivering your brand, message, and customer satisfaction. Lava translates your product to your customers in a meaningful and usable way.



As important as UI and UX, implementing the requirements of usability into product development ensures long term customer satisfaction. Everything from materials and weights to interaction design will be crafted to your consumer’s requirements.


website design

A business with no website is a sign of no business. Web presence is a significant component to success for your brand and products. We can help you find new ways of delivering a strong online presence.


search engine optimization

Getting online traffic is key, and not all websites are created equal. Lava understands how to optimize the SEO development of websites to ensure that your site is not only well designed but also that your site gets found.


search engine marketing

Analyzing search market and developing strategic initiatives will help your success. We can assist you in developing SEM strategies from PPC to trickle campaigns and content generations based on SEO analysis.


pay per click (PPC)

PPC is a great way to get your company and product found in competitive markets. It can be used to subsidize traffic and create presence, especially when you are new to the market.


social media

Understanding and integrating social media strategy into your product's or company's business plan can be a huge asset. From Facebook to Yelp, we'll get you program rolling.


app development

Lava understands the benefits of Apps, and Web Apps, to product development. We can help you make sure you have a solid game-plan for deploying your digital presence and strategy.

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